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Dialogue as a tool to promote women’s rights in Morocco


The Moroccan organisation LDDF-INJAD works with the Danish NGO Kvinderådet on promoting women’s rights and gender equality in Morocco.


In order to raise awareness about these issues, LDDF-INJAD volunteers engage various target groups in talks about topics such as sexual harassment, sexual violence and gender roles.


We did a one-day training for volunteers from LDDF-INJAD and affiliated associations, where we introduced them to basic theory about dialogue and to concrete tools to engage in facilitate dialogue.


The participants practiced the tools – including active listening, mirroring and asking exploratory questions – on topics and cases from their daily work. And they developed ideas and plans for how to use dialogue in their efforts to promote women’s rights and gender equality in Morocco.



Was it any good?  

We need skills. It was such a pleasure to participate in a workshop where we practiced concrete skills and were not only provided with the information. In many cases information can be found on the internet. Training skills is what we need’ 


- Workshop participant

The Danish Center for Dialogue’s workshop was very rewarding for our volunteers and I was impressed by the facilitation method that created a lot of engagement and enthusiasm among the participants. Our volunteers were excited to work with concrete dialogue tools in practice and to be actively included in the learning process - as opposed to just being presented to theoretical knowledge. They found the tools very inspiring and relevant, and I am sure they benefit a lot from using them in their work for LDDF-INJAD.

- Mouna Echemmkh, Director, LDDF-INJAD, Morocco

The workshop was highly engaging. It spurred active participation and enthusiasm, and the participants found it particularly rewarding to work with dialogical tools and methods by trying them out in practice – and by reflecting on how to use them in their own work.


We are confident that the tools and methods introduced will be useful for LDDF-INJAD’s volunteers when they engage their target groups in dialogue about women’s rights in Morocco.


- Anna Willumsen, project manager at Kvinderaadet


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