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About us

The Danish Center for Dialogue works with dialogue, process facilitation and conflict resolution.

On the one hand, we facilitate dialogue, group processes and conflict resolution. On the other hand, we do workshops and trainings that give others’ knowledge and tools to engage in dialogue, facilitate group processes and manage conflicts constructively.


Within this field, our scope of work is relatively broad. We work with non-profit organizations, public institutions and private companies.


With anyone, basically, who need to live peacefully, work effectively and/or accomplish meaningful things together. Why? Because dialogue and conflict resolution are highly effective - if not needed - tools to do that.


In terms of theory and methods, we are primarily inspired by:


  • ‘Pure’ dialogue where the aim is to understand each other and/or an issue better, without necessarily wanting or needing to do anything about it. This approach is outlined in the Dialogue Handbook which we have contributed to writing. It is available online here.


  • Liberating Structures which is a set of simple but effective methods to design and facilitate group processes that engage and unleash everyone. Liberating Structures overlap with ‘pure’ dialogue but is more action oriented. You can read about Liberating Structures here.


  • Conflict resolution as developed and practiced by the Danish Center for Conflict Resolution.  


The three approaches supplement each other and make it possible to find the right balance between getting in depth and getting things done – including when things get rough and conflicts arise.


We use, combine and mix the three approaches to meet the needs of the specific task at hand.


Our international and intercultural DNA

Vi are four consultants - Anna, Clara, Jesper og Lasse - with differing and overlapping educations and work experience within the field of dialogue, process facilitation and conflict resolution. Besides ourselves, we have a network of skilled partners that we involve in our work with when relevant and needed. 

Our international and intercultural work is especially inspired by our long-term involvement in the intercultural dialogue program the Ambassadors for Dialogue.


The program - which has been run by the Danish Youth Council (DUF) since 2009 - aims to enhance mutual understanding between youth across national, cultural, religious, social and other divides by means of dialogue.


Thus far, approximate 400 youth from Denmark, Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia have been trained as ‘ambassadors for dialogue’ and implemented dialogue workshops for roughly 25.000 youth in the four countries. 


As program manager and trainers, we were involved in developing and implementing the program from 2009 till 2017.



Tønsbergvej 152

4000 Roskilde


Phone: +45 28 86 21 11


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